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Delicious Meals & Snacks for $12.75* a Day!

ideal protein
ideal protein
ideal protein

Lunch & Snacks
There are many choices for lunch from soups to chicken patties, but many choose a quick protein drink like our Stawberry Banana Mix or a Pre Made Cappuccino. For the afternoon or evening, an award winning Chocolate Mint or Peanut Caramel Bar will more than staisfy. The choice is yours and the foods are Ideal Protein!

Tasty recipes are provided for you to cook your own high-protein, low carbohydrate dinners, like grilled chicken with asparagus and a salad or salmon with cauliflower and broccoli.
(* on average without evening meal)

Unlike many diets, you can start off your day with a stack of Pancakes, a bowl of Cereal, a delicious Omlette, or any other selection from IP, and all easily made with an Ideal Protein packet of food!*
(Spinach and mushrooms added to IP Omlette)

(Fruits are not part of the initial  plan, shown as ingredients only)